Posted by: Part-Time Audiophile | March 2, 2009

Roasted broccoli

I think this is spectacular!

Put a rimmed baking sheet into your oven and preheat it to 500 degrees.

Prep your broccoli!

Trim your florets off the stems and cut them down to about a bite-sized piece each. Peel the stems with a veggie peeler. Cut them into roughly the same size as the florets.

Put the broccoli into a large bowl. Drizzle with about 2T of olive oil. Add about 1tsp salt, some fresh pepper, and about 2 tsps of sugar (yes sugar)! You want the broccoli to caramelize in the oven, so sugar is great way to cheat. Tastes great (and not sugary).

Push about 2 cloves of garlic through your press (no comments about garlic presses vs mincing/pasting with a chef’s knife — garlic presses work great). Add to bowl and toss to coat.

Once oven has hit temp, remove pan. Carefully spread broccoli onto pan in an even layer.

Put broccoli into oven on lowest rack. Cook about 5-6 mins. Stir. Cook another 5-6 mins until brownING (but not brown, if you know what I mean).

Meanwhile, wipe out bowl.

Remove sheet tray from oven, dump into bowl.

Toss with 2 teaspoons of white wine vinegar. This is where the magic happens.

Serve immediately. Wow. Broccoli like I’ve never had it.

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