Posted by: Part-Time Audiophile | November 3, 2010

Ruhlman on Grass Fed Beef

Ruhlman has a nice post about the differences in grass fed beef — and I have to say, he’s on to something. Like Ruhlman, I’ve completely bought into Michael Pollan’s manifesto on food — including the natural superiority of grass-fed beef — but my results have been very mixed. Interesting that there might be a reason for it: FAT. Or rather, not enough of it. Makes sense. Grass-fed beef producers take note — please fatten those cows up!

Locally, there’s a couple of places to get grass fed beef. Hedgeapple Farm is the one that stands out in my memory, but I find it hard to recommend them as all their beef comes totally frozen, but what I’ve had has been good.

EatWild has a list of the local producers in your area.


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